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This week's #tbt happens to coincide itself with #IndependenceDay.


"I'm sure he'll be fine, right?"

Toys have a way of softening reality's harsh blows. #War isn't pretty. It's deadly. Leaving lifetimes of damage in its wake. This nondescript face represents anyone.

#PTSD hits close to home having one parent killed on active duty service and the other witnessing their Navy work partner shot dead right beside them while on assignment as a Vietnam war photojournalist.


I am an experienced digital and black & white film #photographer with dark room experience.

(Object blurring is not "*photoshopped" but intentionally created by a slight twist of the #camera #lens (AF-S #NIKKOR 18-55mm 1:3.5-5.6G) as the shot was taken to create focal point and mood. (*I typically only use that program for simple lighting adjustments.)


This high quality image by Twice and Three is great for just about any occasion: #gifts, #arttherapy for your home or office, clinic, spa, hospital, general #décor, hotel, professional interior #decorating, or even #advertising. Photographer: Angela Maria Tenne

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